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Vulnerable Group Development (VGD)


 The Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) programme is the largest social safety net program of the Government of Bangladesh that exclusively target ultra poor households 75000 direct ultra poor participants across the country receive monthly food ration for the household and a development support services for a cycle in 482 upailas .


To ensure sustainability of development results and to provide women with opportunities to further improved their livelihood of VGD participants, SKUS have been implementing this project with the support of  department of women affairs in Chittagong district aiming to improve the social-economic status of VGD women and make best effort in materializing it.


The main objectives are to build the income-earning capacities of VGD women and to socially empower them through training on awareness raising, provider of training on variety of income generating activities (IGAs) provision of credit and other support services during and beyond the food assistance periods.



To ensure sustainability of development results and to provide women with opportunities to further improve their livelihood VGD participants the mainstreamed in regular NGO development program after completing the cycle.



Funding Source/Donor: Directorate of Women Affair, Ministry of Women and Child Affairs Bangladesh Government


Project Area/s: Cox’s Bazar Sadar and Pekua upazila under Cox’s Bazar District


Project participants/Beneficiary: Target beneficiaries of the project are 2350 in First Cycle

Implementation duration: April 2017 to December 2018

Major Activities

  • Group development
  • Provide awareness training to VGD women
  • Provide IGA training to VGD women
  • Saving management
  • Create Access to credit for VGD women
  • Liaison with local administration



Achievement during the reporting period : 


Guideline Develop : A internal technical and administrative guideline has been developed discussion with SKUS high official on the basis of previous working experience and following guideline of DWA for proper implementation of the project.  Internal guideline focuses how to perform the activities, group formation, conducting IGA and life skill training, saving management etc. 


Inception Meeting arrange : A inception meeting has been arranged at UNO office , Cox’s Bazar. District Woman Affairs Officer was the chief guest of this inception meeting. Upazila Vice Chairman, UP chairman and others relevant government official was present in the inception meeting.


Organized Training of Trainer (TOT) : A 2 days training from May 25-26 organized at Upazila Health and Family Planning Office in Cox’s Bazar. UNO of Cox’s Bazar Sadar supposed to the chief guest of this TOT. But for his busy schedule, District Women Affairs Office was acting chief guest of this training where is Upazila Family Planning officer was special guest. SKUS 5 appointed trainers, 1 supervisor was present at the TOT.


Group formation:  During the project period SKUS have formed 78 VGD ground with 30 VGD women in each groups.


Provide refresher training on life skills : During the reporting period SKUS has organized and conducted 3 day long training for each VGD women in each upazilas with the active support from Union Parisad. Every women give training on Risk management for natural disaster, personnel hygiene and cleanliness, Mother and Child health food and nutrition, Gender equity and women empowerment, HIV/AIDS prevention. A core group of trainer have conducted mentioned each training.  


IGA training: To meet the ultimate goal of the project every VGD group have provided Income Generating Activities training. IGA training was 8 days long. A group of technical trainers from SKUS and Local upazlias have conducted those training. VGD women were given Goat and Cow rearing, Vegetable Gardening, Poultry rearing, entrepreneurship development training.    


Motivation & Social mobilization for more saving: While implanting the project one of the main target was to motivate each VGD group to ensure their more income saving for their future. SKUS have done it all the project period and motivate them.  


Workshop training organized : A 3 days workshop organized at BRAC cox’s bazer office on July 15-17, 2017. Senior Advisor of SKUS was the mail resource person of this workshop where is Program Coordinator of SKUS was co-resource person of this workshop. In this workshop, all of SKUS trainer including supervisor was present in this workshop. According to the workshop discussion SKUS has developed some forms and formats relevant of the project especially for saving management.




Details Narrative description of Project:


  • 173 Group formed consisting of 30 women per group 
  • Training need assessment completed among 5202 VGD women
  • Provide awareness training to 5202 VGD women
  • Provide IGA training to 5202 VGD women on Goat and Cow rearing, Vegetable Gardening, Poultry Rearing, Entrepreneurship
  • Provide life skill development training to 5202 VGD women on Risk management of Natural Disaster , Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness , Mother and Child health, food and Nutrition, Gender equality and women development, HIV/AIDS prevention
  • Saving management and saving operation
  • Provide financial support for IGA operation
  • Create Access to credit for VGD women
  • Liaison with local administration

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